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North Campus Days

by John Paul Tancredi
A reflective yet amusing look at college life from freshman orientation to graduation day, North Campus Days is not the typical college tale with the usual characters, but instead a fun, poignant four-year journey.

Step into the author's world of relationships with the opposite sex, everyday happenings with his friends, twenty-first birthday parties, good classes, bad classes all woven into an entertaining story!
Here's what readers are saying about the book:

"I couldn't put it down!"

"It's an interesting tale on many levels: coming of age, friendship, courage, loneliness, and joy."

"The author's ability to be eloquent in stating the emotions we have all felt makes the book compelling."

"It should be required reading before one goes off to college, or to a career . . . or retirement!"

"An excellent coming of age story."

Writer's Digest adds:

"Mr. Tancredi writes remarkably well."

"The stories are fresh and enjoyable."

"The reader will enjoy traveling with him during his up-and-down romances, as well as his university education."

"His final chapter is touchingly poignant."

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